Septic Tank Pumping in  Whatcom & Skagit Counties

Why is septic tank pumping necessary? Well, a septic system has two main components; the tank and a soil absorption system known as the ‘drain field’ or the ‘leach field.’ The tank is designed to let heavy solids settle to the bottom where bacteria causes them to decompose, while the liquid is allowed to flow out into the drain field where it can be absorbed into the soil. But over time the solid layer builds at the bottom and grease and other light particles float forming a layer of scum. Pumping prevents these from building to the point that they’re flowing out of the septic tank and clogging the drain field on your property.

No One-Size-Fits-All Septic Tank Pumping Rule

There is no hard and fast rule regarding when you should have your septic tank pumped, but we recommend every three to five years. How often depends on the amount of wastewater you send to your septic system. The more people living or working at your property, the higher the water flow to your septic system, and the faster the septic tank fills. If you’ve got a lot of people with you, your septic tank may even need pumping more often than every three years.

Garbage Disposal Use and Septic Tank Pumping

septic tank pumping in Bellingham & Whatcom and Skagit CountiesIf your family uses a garbage disposal, the number of solids that reach your septic tank doubles. You’ll likely need septic tank pumping more often, and the same applies if you have a dishwasher with a food grinder.

Lil’ John Sanitary Service provides quick and friendly septic tank pumping in the Bellingham and Whatcom and Skagit County area. With flexible hours, quick service and electronic records of all work performed, we’ll get your septic service needs taken care of painlessly. And you’ll never overspend by having your septic tank cleaned too often or risk repair costs by doing it too seldom. Our maintenance service has you covered. Contact us with any questions you may have or to schedule your septic tank pumping today. We also offer grease trap cleaning and certified OSS inspection.

Bellingham and Skagit & Whatcom County Septic Tank Pumping for 50+ Years

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