How Seasonal Changes Affect Your Septic System in Lynden

Septic-System-LyndenIf your home has a septic tank, staying on top of its upkeep is essential. However, depending on the season, there will be different maintenance and service tasks that need to be completed. Knowing how seasonal changes affect your septic system will help you be prepared for anything. 


In the winter months, the temperatures can drop to the point that freezing can be a big issue. Frozen septic pipes and components can stop the system from working entirely and can be very expensive to repair. Keeping the system maintained and serviced throughout winter will help stave off freezing as much as possible.  

Increased Water Usage

In the spring season, you may find that you’re using more water than you otherwise would. This can put excess stress on your system and cause problems with the tank. Conserving water can help keep your system in good working order throughout the spring months. 

Dry Soil

During summer, the soil in your drain field can become compacted. This can clog the field and make it more difficult for the septic system to drain properly. Doing what you can to keep your drain field soil moist will help you keep your system in good working order and prevent clogs.  

Need Help With Your Septic System in Lynden? 

Lil’ John Sanitary Service provides quick and friendly septic and grease trap services. With flexible hours, quick service, and electronic records of all work performed, we’ll make sure your septic system is in great shape. Contact us with any questions you may have. We also offer portable toilet rental and certified OSS inspection services. 

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