Septic Outlet Filter Cleaning in Ferndale

septic outlet filter ferndale

If your septic system is clogged, how can you find out what’s causing it? Maybe something was thrown down the drain that didn’t belong there. Or maybe you’ve got a clogged septic outlet filter. Knowing how this filter works and why it needs to be kept clean is just as important as pumping the septic tank.

It’s a Screening Device

If you have a mesh strainer for your kitchen sink, you have a pretty good idea of how an outlet filter works. Located in the outlet, the filter acts like a strainer, collecting solid material. Like any strainer, it fills up over time.

Cleaning the Filter

Because of the filter’s location, this is not a job you can do yourself.  Depending on the size of your home and number in your household, the cleaning frequency will vary. An OSS inspection will determine an appropriate interval, usually three to five years for most households. A professional can also examine the filter for signs of damage and decide when a replacement is necessary.

Consequences of a Dirty Septic Outlet Filter in Ferndale

When a filter gets old, it catches less large particles, which leads to backups before it’s time to pump. Some older septic systems don’t have a filter at all. An OSS inspector will be able to determine this and you can have one installed.

We Clean and Install Outlet Filters

Lil John Sanitary Services handles the dirty work, from septic system maintenance to grease trap cleaning. An outlet filter is an inexpensive contraption that prevents costly repairs; taking care of it can add years of life to your system.

Septic Outlet Filter Cleaning in Ferndale

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