Septic System and the Environment: Is There a Connection in Bellingham?

septic system and environment bellinghamIs a septic system an environmentally friendly solution for handling wastewater in Bellingham? In other words, what’s the connection between a septic system and the environment, if any? Let’s explore the correlation.

Septic System and the Environment: Exploring the Link

Here’s the deal: provided that you adhere to regular septic tank pumping, the septic system has no adverse environmental effects. In fact, septic tanks are actually a green solution since they rely on natural anaerobic bacteria to break down the waste. This is a stark contrast to municipal sewer systems that use chlorine and harsh chemicals for treating wastewater.

When Septic Systems Harm the Environment

If your septic system is failing, it’s a whole different story. Failing systems release untreated wastewater into the environment, contaminating the groundwater. This can be a major issue for systems located near bodies of water. Furthermore, wastewater release can lead to serious health concerns, such as dysentery and hepatitis.

That’s not all; the improperly treated wastewater contains nitrates. Nitrates in water supplies lead to algae growth, in turn releasing toxins that pose a threat to people and wildlife.

The Solution

The key is prevention. To ensure proper filtration of effluent, schedule a regular OSS inspection. A technician can determine whether the system is releasing wastewater into the soil. Plus, the checkup detects potential problems in their early stages before they grow.

In addition, take active measures not to overwhelm the system. You should not, for example, do multiple loads of laundry back-to-back. Likewise, occupants should not take a shower one after the other.

We Inspect Septic Systems for Problems in Bellingham

Similar systems like grease traps and portable toilets also do not pose an environmental risk as long as they’re well maintained. Contact Lil John Sanitary Services for routine inspections. This ensures that risks to the septic system and the environment are kept to an absolute minimum. Contact us today for more information.

We’re Certified to Ensure Your Septic System is Safe for the Environment in Bellingham

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