Winter Septic Maintenance for Your System in the Alger Area

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The Alger area isn’t the coldest region in the state by a long shot. However, temperatures still dip low enough to cause water to freeze. This makes winter septic system maintenance all the more important. Keep these care guidelines in mind as you prepare for winter.

1. Stay Off the Drain Field

Keep heavy vehicles and equipment off the drain field. Keep foot traffic to a minimum. Too much weight causes the soil to condense. While you should follow this rule year-round, it’s even more important in the winter. Weight causes the frost to travel deeper into the soil.

2. Insulate the Drain Field

Prevent water in the septic pipes from freezing by insulating the ground. You can do this in one of two ways. You can let the grass grow an additional six inches. The more common option is by applying mulch across the drain field.

3. Stop Faucet Leaks

If any of the faucet or shower heads leak, call a plumber to fix the problem. Under extreme cold, trickling water can freeze, often at the point where the septic pipe leaves the home. You could also regularly pour hot water down the drain.

4. Check the Grease Trap (for Commercial Establishments)

As you may or may not know, grease and oil congeal (solidify) under cool temperatures. Semi-liquid oil solidifies in the drain and obstructs the opening. This occurs even more frequently in the winter. This is why businesses need to be sure their grease traps are emptied regularly.

We Handle Winter Septic System Maintenance in Alger

Septic pumping is a good idea at the beginning of the New Year. This way, the system is off to a fresh start. Contact us at Lil John Sanitary Services for OSS inspections and more. Winter septic system maintenance ensures that frost does not negatively impact function.

Winter Septic System Checkup for Alger Residents

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