Summer Hygiene Tips for Your Upcoming Event in Blaine

summer hygiene tips blaineDo you have an outdoor family-oriented event on the horizon?  With public health safety a key factor in every gathering, organizing an event of any size has become more complicated. We’ve compiled some summer hygiene tips for your upcoming event in Blaine.

Summer Hygiene Facts

As you plan your event, keep abreast of current Covid-19 conditions. There may be changes in the safety measures you’ll need to put in place for your large event or gathering.

Summer Hygiene Tips for Your Event 

Set up sanitizer stations throughout your venue. Set them right outside the portable toilets, and also by the food serving stations. Also consider setting some up in the food preparation area. Many portable toilets come with a sanitizer inside every unit. Be sure to check sanitizers often and refill them when necessary.

Instruct any helpers to sanitize their hands after using the restroom and before and after handling food. It’s a good idea to also post signs that instruct event attendees to do the same. 

Regarding food preparation, we recommend frequent washing and sanitizing of all food contact surfaces and utensils. Keep perishable foods refrigerated until ready to serve. If you’re serving burgers and hotdogs, cook them fully in order to kill any E. coli bacteria.

We Promote Good Hygiene Practices

Organizing an outdoor event? Contact Lil John Sanitary Services for portable toilet and sanitizer rentals. For homeowners who plan to invite guests over, we recommend an OSS inspection. Guests may repeatedly use the restroom and overtax the septic system. In any case, summer event hygiene is absolutely critical for preventing illness.

Summer Hygiene Tips, Portable Toilet and Sanitizer Rentals for Blaine

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