Septic Tank and Holding Tank: What’s the Difference Between the Two in Lynden?

Home Septic Tank Pumping

If you own property that uses a septic system, you’re probably heard the terms septic tank and holding tank. Do you know the difference between the two and what each is for? 

First, The Septic Tank

Homes that aren’t connected to the municipal sewer line have a septic system. The septic tank collects all the waste and wastewater that flows out of the home. It doesn’t just hold waste, though. It also separates heavy solids from light solids. The lighter solids float to the top and the heavy solids sink to the bottom. Between the two lies water that exits out of an outlet pipe into the drain field.

Next, The Holding Tank

A holding tank is also used to store household wastewater, but it doesn’t have an outlet pipe. The waste remains inside until it’s pumped out. Unless your home is located near a body of water, you probably don’t have one. Homes near lakes and rivers often lack soil suitable to act as a drain field. 

Pumping Intervals Vary for Your Septic Tank and Holding Tank

Since holding tanks can’t remove waste on their own, they have to be pumped more often. Homes with a holding tank may require a pump every two to five months. Septic tanks, on the other hand, only require pumping every two or three years. Frequency varies depending on water usage.

We Take Care of Your Septic System in Lynden

Our OSS inspections cover residential septic systems. For businesses, we perform grease trap cleaning. Contact us at Lil John Sanitary Services for a cleaning or checkup. Whether you own a home with a septic tank or holding tank, we’ll get the job done! We also rent portable toilets for events and businesses.

Home Septic Tank and Holding Tank Pumping in Lynden

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