Grease Trap Requirements for Bellingham Food Establishments

grease trap requirements bellingham

If you own or manage a food-service establishment in Bellingham, you’ve probably already heard of FOG management. (Fats, Oil and Grease) If you’re considering a new business in the industry, you’ll no doubt become very familiar with it. Grease trap requirements are very specific, and most restaurants and eating establishments will be required to have and maintain a grease trap.  

Very Few Exceptions

Here are two examples to illustrate how specific the rules get. No grease trap needed if all you serve is fat-free yogurt with disposable cups and spoons. What if you have a coffee shop? Probably no grease trap needed – unless you serve espresso and baked goods. Hmmm… is … that … still a coffee shop?  

Bellingham Law

Bellingham Public Utilities have the final say regarding whether your business requires a grease trap or not. Check out the Uniform Plumbing Code regarding size and fitting requirements. The consequences of not installing a grease trap are serious. The city/county public health department can shut you down until you comply.

Slippery Slope

Another FOG ordinance to understand is the 25% rule regarding grease trap maintenance. The trap needs to be cleaned when the device’s holding tank is filled to 25% capacity. A professional sanitary service company is needed for this.

Don’t DIY – Call a Pro

Keep up with grease trap requirements, and keep FOG waste from entering your septic tank or the municipal sewer system. Call Lil John Sanitary Services. They’ll clean out the tank, clean the intake and outtake pipes where possible, and check intake valves. This local family-owned business is also ready to service other on-site systems, such as portable toilets and septic tanks

Bellingham Food Services Grease Trap Requirements  

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