Septic System Maintenance for Pet Owners in Bellingham

septic system maintenance for pet bellevue

Most homeowners know better than to throw solid objects down the drain. For pet owners, though, additional precautionary measures are in order. Septic system maintenance for pet owners isn’t rocket science, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind. 

Regarding Pet Hair

Pet hair, like human hair, is a common drain-clogging material, and while it’s biodegradable, it does take a while to completely break down. You can easily reduce the buildup of both pet fur and human hair with a mesh strainer. We often discover excess pet hair during a septic pump. Find a strainer for $2 to $3 at your local hardware store.

Watch For Digging

Some breeds of dogs have a tendency to dig holes, and larger breeds can dig holes deep enough to expose the pipes. While a dog’s paws aren’t likely to damage the pipes, they can disrupt the drain field. This can mess with the field’s ability to let waste back into the water table. This is also just as bad for your dog, because it could be exposed to partially treated waste water.

Cat Litter 

Our OSS inspections also commonly reveal a buildup of cat litter in septic systems. Regardless of what the package says, don’t put kitty litter down the drain. The litter petrifies the poo, which makes it harder for septic bacteria to break it down.

Experts at Septic System Maintenance for Pet Owners

Lil John Sanitary Services tackles various pumping jobs, including grease trap cleaning. Contact us today if you have questions about maintaining your septic system. We’re here to help!

Help with Septic System Maintenance for Pet Owners in Bellingham

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