Recognizing a Grease Trap Emergency

grease trap emergency

All grease traps need to be pumped out eventually, no exceptions. However, what separates routine maintenance from an emergency? With the latter, when is a situation so urgent that it needs emergency grease trap service?

Grease Trap Is Overflowing

If the grease trap is overflowing, that is an emergency that requires priority servicing. Overflowing grease can seep onto the floors and walls, creating an environmental hazard. You’ll need to have the grease trap pumped ASAP. Fortunately, this can be prevented easily with routine scheduled maintenance.

We recommend a cleaning every three months. Aside from being a preventive measure, it also ensures that you’ll remain within municipal compliance. Most cities impose fines for failure to maintain the grease trap.

Clogged Grease Trap

Before a grease trap overflows, it may exhibit signs of being clogged. Much like a household sink, your commercial sink may drain more slowly, or water may pool without fully going down.

A clog also puts the facility at risk of a grease trap fire. As a safety precaution, refrain from using any heating-related appliances and do not use the water until emergency services arrive.

Foul Odors

A bad smell from the direction of the grease trap doesn’t necessarily mandate an urgent response. However, if the odor is bad enough, it can spread to the dining area and offend patrons. It can also affect employees and possibly make them sick, hampering their performance.

The smell of old grease and food scraps, by the way, doesn’t smell like freshly prepared food. Some have described the smell as noxious.

Avoid Emergency Grease Trap Servicing

Requesting an impromptu grease trap pumping is never desirable and can hurt business operations. Grease Trap care is part of our Septic tank pumping and OSS inspections. Avoid emergency grease trap servicing altogether by calling Lil John Sanitary Service.

Commercial Grease Trap Maintenance

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