What to Do with That Leftover Turkey Grease

turkey grease, leftover grease

Cooking that turkey for a Thanksgiving feast is sure to leave behind a pan-full of grease. As tempting as it might be, dumping the leftover turkey grease down the drain is a no-no and a septic tank destroyer. Besides proper disposal, here are some other ways to use the leftover turkey grease.

Reuse the Grease

You can save the fat and reuse it for future cooking. Strain and store the grease in a container and store in the fridge. You can reuse the grease for adding flavor to other dishes. You can reuse the oil from most animal and vegetable fats.

Feed Your Pets

Grease in moderation is safe for pets. You can add a few drops to dog or cat nibble for a bit of natural flavoring. Your four-legged companion will surely appreciate it.

Feed the Birds

Birds can also feed on grease and animal fat. Store the grease in the fridge until it solidifies. Roll the fat in bird seed and add it to a bird feeder. The grease provides additional calories, which birds especially need in winter.

Dispose of it the Right Way

If you decide to dispose of the grease, then do it the proper way. Pour the grease into a seal-tight container and throw in the waste bin. Some homeowners pour the grease down the drain or even the toilet. This can be catastrophic if the grease solidifies in the septic tank, leading to solid globs that clog the system.

This is why restaurants have grease traps. The trap prevents the oil from entering and hardening in the pipes.

Uses for Cooking Grease Are Diverse

Whatever you do with the grease, do not dump it down the drain. This will accelerate the need for a septic tank pumping. Call Lil John Sanitary Services for your next inspection. Alternative uses for leftover turkey grease are far better than chucking the oil in the sink.

Septic Tank Pumping and Maintenance

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