Four Common Portable Restroom Myths Debunked

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There are a lot of negative connotations about portable johns. Most people won’t even use them unless nature is really calling. We want to dispel some of these portable restroom myths because there are so many half-truths out there.

Myth #1: Portable Restrooms Are Unsanitary

Portable restrooms can certainly be unsanitary if they’re not cleaned according to standards at recommended intervals. They require regular pumping, much like a grease trap or septic tank. If maintained properly with regular cleanings, they are just as sanitary as the toilet in your own home. Most units also come with an attached hand sanitizer dispenser inside.

Myth #2: Portable Restrooms Smell Like Poo

Like the first myth, portable restrooms can indeed smell like excrement if they’re not well-maintained. Once again, as long as they’re cleaned and pumped out at regular intervals, odors are mostly a non-issue. Most modern units are also properly ventilated. If you’re still worried about the smell, you can place fragrance sticks inside.

Myth #3: Portable Restrooms Are Only for Work Sites and Events

Another common myth is that portable toilet rental is limited to construction sites and outdoor festivals. In reality, their use is far more versatile. They’re also suitable for luxury events like weddings, galas, and black-tie parties. Some businesses also rent portable toilets while the public restroom is under repair.

Myth #4: You Only Need One or Two Portable Restrooms

Some people think you are covered as long as you have one or two portable toilets available. Do you think one or two is enough for, say, 300 guests? As a rule of thumb, have one restroom for every 100 people.

Don’t Fall for Portable Restroom Myths

Many people refrain from using a portable toilet due to preconceived notions. Do you need to rent a few portable toilet units? Don’t let these portable restroom myths prevent you from picking up the phone and calling Lil John Sanitary Services.

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