Do You Need to Clean Your Septic Outlet Filter?

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A clogged septic system can be due to multiple causes. Perhaps you throw items down the drain that don’t belong inside a septic tank. Another cause is a clogged outlet filter. We’ll explain how this filter works and why cleaning this component is just as important as pumping the septic tank.

What Is an Outlet Filter?

An outlet filter for a septic tank is not unlike a mesh strainer for your kitchen drain. The screening device is made of slotted plastic and is located in the septic tank outlet. Like any filter, it collects solid material found in grey and black water. Over time, the filter begins to clog as it accumulates more solid particles.

How Often to Clean the Outlet Filter?

Cleaning intervals vary depending on multiple factors, such as house size and number of occupants. An OSS inspection will determine an appropriate interval, which is between three to five years for most households.

Keep in mind that the filter requires professional cleaning. You can’t just remove it and run a hose through it like with a car or HVAC filter. A professional can also examine the filter for signs of damage and assess whether a replacement is necessary.

Consequences of a Dirty Outlet Filter

When an outlet filter becomes less efficient, more solid particles bypass it and enter the septic tank. This leads to backups well before it’s time for a scheduled pumping.

We’ll also point out that older septic systems might not have an outlet filter at all. An inspection can make this determination so you can install one, if need be. Most modern septic system installations come with an outlet filter.

We Clean and Install Outlet Filters

Lil John Sanitary Services handles the dirty work, from septic system maintenance to grease trap cleaning. An outlet filter is an inexpensive contraption that prevents costly repairs; take care of this component with regular maintenance.

Septic System Outlet Filter Cleaning

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