How Many Portable Toilets Do You Need for Your Event?

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Are you planning a New Year’s or related event? Any gathering that takes place outdoors requires portable restroom rental. Naturally, organizers are going to wonder how many portable toilets they need for the size and scope of their event.

Have Ample Portable Toilets Available

First, you need to do a headcount that includes all guests AND staff members. The general rule of thumb is one portable toilet for every 100 people at the event. However, we believe you need to take additional factors into consideration, such as duration of event. Events lasting an entire day or even multiple days require additional restrooms. 

Each portable toilet can last about 250 uses before it reaches capacity. The longer the event runs, the more likely toilets will reach that capacity. For weekend-long events, a servicer may need to pump or replace the units.

Additional Factors

The number of people and duration of event are the two biggest factors. However, additional elements come into play as well. One other factor is alcohol consumption, which increases trips to the loo. Increase the total number of toilets by 15% to 20% if you’re serving alcohol. Likewise, there are cases in which you might need fewer restrooms. Such may be the case if the event is only a few hours in duration and/or nearby public restrooms are available.

Additional Rentals

Aside from regular portable johns, you also need to include handicap-friendly restrooms and handwashing stations. For every 20 toilets, include one handicap-accessible restroom. As for handwashing stations, have one for every four toilets. 

We Provide Toilet Rentals for Bellingham Events

Inadequate restrooms are a common complaint at events. To avoid guest dissatisfaction, contact Lil John Sanitary Services. Portable restroom rental is an extension of our OSS inspection service. A consultant will help you determine the correct number of portable toilets for your event type.

Portable Restroom Rental and Cleaning

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