Why Summer Hygiene Is Important for Your Event

summer event hygieneAre you planning a fun-under-the-sun family-oriented event? The Bellingham area hosts all sorts of social functions during this time of year. Summer event hygiene is especially important. Therefore, we recommend portable restrooms and sanitizer stations.

Summer Hygiene Facts

Obviously, hygiene in any event is important. However, the issue is of greater concern during the warm season. Germs naturally spread in environments with people crammed into a tight space. Roughly 80% of communicable diseases spread through physical contact with another person.

Germs also abound near areas with food. This includes, for example, the lid of a bowl of potato salad or the spout of a soft-serve ice cream dispenser. These are breeding grounds for listeria, which can cause fever.

The Solution

For event planners, be sure to set up sanitizer stations throughout the venue. Many planners only set them right outside the portable toilets. Speaking of portable toilets, also be sure to keep a sanitizer inside every unit. Periodically check sanitizers and refill them when necessary.

Instruct all staff to wash or sanitize their hands after using the restroom and before and after handling food. You should also post signs that instruct visitors to do the same. Studies show that respiratory illness decreases by 20% when all of the participants cleans their hands.

As far as food goes, be sure to follow all of the correct handling instructions. Keep perishable foods indoors until ready to serve. If you serve burgers and hotdogs, be certain to cook them fully in order to kill any E. coli bacteria.

We Promote Good Hygiene Practices

Organizing an outdoor event? Contact Lil John Sanitary Services for portable toilet and sanitizer rentals. For homeowners who plan to invite guests over, we recommend an OSS inspection. Guests may repeatedly use the restroom and overtax the septic system. In any case, summer event hygiene is absolutely critical for preventing illness.

Portable Toilet and Sanitizer Rentals

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